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Geospatial Services

DOS Infotech is a reputed and well known Geospatial technology consultancy & service provider. With the help of our team of talented RS & GIS specialist, we take pride in catering diverse group of clients ranging from Government, Semi Government, Educational and other private organisations. We provide tailor-made geospatial solutions according to our client’s requirement which is cost effective as well as user friendly.

Our geospatial services encompasses user requirement study and providing dedicated solutions in GIS and resource mapping including Spatial Database Creation and Analysis, Digital Cartography, Surveys, Resource Management and Mapping, WebGIS Development and Customization, Decision Support Systems, Capacity Building and GIS training etc.

Our Services:

Remote Sensing

We provide image processing services for creating geospatial datasets as per the stakeholders’ requirement. We also update existing datasets with the help of up to date satellite images and other ancillary data sources. Our services include procurement of satellite images from national and international image providers, image processing, enhancement, edge matching to create seamless raster data, geo rectification of satellite imagery with the help of DGPS/GPS generated Ground Control Points (GCP), interpretation and analysis of image, spatial analysis, digital classification both automated and onscreen, change detection mapping to name a few. We are adept in analysing both high resolution and low resolution imagery chosen on the basis of the objective of any project.

We have wide experience in processing and interpretation of most of the commercially available satellite imagery with the help of globally recognised proprietary software like ERDAS, PCI Geomatica, Global mapper, ENVI as well as open source softwares like GRASS, QGIS etc. The resultant processed image datasets are used in urban and rural infrastructure planning, land acquisition planning, utility planning, land use mapping, natural resource mapping, watershed management and forest mapping.

Digital Cartography and Thematic Mapping

We generate different types of thematic maps useful for resource management using satellite imagery superimposed with other data sources like georeferenced toposheets, topographic maps produced from DGPS/TS survey, other type of field survey inputs and associated information from secondary sources. We use commercial as well as open source software for this purpose.

In digital cartography we offer:

GIS Database dictionary design - This involves planning of attribute tables and symbol designing for every feature class for GIS along with identification of primary key for integration with available non-spatial data. This will be followed by designing of data structure of all the attributes of every feature class.

Data Generation – Preparing geodatabase superimposing various data sources

Topological cleanup, text and annotation styling

Layout Design – Preparation of Custom layout and map indexes

Generation of customised maps

Data Management

DOS Infotech has bespoke experience in data management services. Till date in most of the cases the existing data useful for preparation of required geodatabase remain scattered in different divisions of a organisation in the form of hardcopy (paper) or softcopy (Pdf, Jpegs etc) maps with or without coordinate information, autocad drawing, field reports, tabular charts. Even in some cases the existing GIS data of a same area are found to be in different projection systems and datum and cannot be superimposed as a result.

To bring those data in a co-relatable situation to generate a geodatabase that can be used for multiple purposes we first assess the requirement or business need of the client. After that we select disparate data sources related to the project need and geo-rectify, geospatial data capture, convert, process and integrate them to form a singular dataset. This datasets are developed in such a way that they can be used across multiple platforms ranging from desktop, web, mobile and cloud.

For the data conversion purpose we use latest software technology like; ArcGIS, Geomedia, QGIS and Autodesk (AutoCAD, AutoCAD Map) as per the project requirement