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GIS/GPS based Survey

Usefulness of GIS as a robust tool for decision planning depends entirely on the quality and authenticity of the database (spatial and aspatial) it is built upon. These databases can be of various types like the paper maps, softcopy (Pdf, Jpegs etc) maps, AutoCAD drawing, field reports, tabular charts etc. However, to produce a error less and truly realistic database, survey plays an instrumental role either in creating new maps of an entirely uncharted area or in modifying and geocoding exiting maps with real world scenario or collecting Ground Control Points for orthorectification of satellite image. A currently surveyed dataset can be relied upon to make informed decision about development planning of an area.

DOS Infotech has a team of experienced surveyors who have successfully engaged in various survey woorh for our internal survey purpose as well as engaged in different types of survey activities as per the requirement of our clients.

Survey Instruments used:



GIS based mobile apps (developed in-house)

Our offered services:

Topographic Surveys

Establishment of control Points

Digital Terrain Models (DTMs)

Landuse/Landcover Mapping Surveys

Cadastral Mapping Survey

Infrastructural Surveys

Utility Mapping Surveys

Geotagging Survey

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