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WebGIS Development

DOS Infotech has proven expertise and experience in developing web enabled GIS systems for enterprise and public portals. Though we are capable of offering integrated solutions using the state-of-the-art technologies from the market leaders like ESRI, ERDAS, MapInfo and Autodesk, in most of the cases our WebGIS is developed entirely on open source technologies which gives us a cutting edge over our competitors in providing sustainable and cost effective solutions to our clients.

DOS Infotech strictly maintains all phases of the SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle) protocol during WebGIS development. At the initiation of any project our team of software developers try to understand the basic needs of the client thereby suggesting a solution which will be best fit for the organisation. Key activities include:

Development of Software

User requirement study

System requirement study

Workflow designing

Database creation

GIS layers importing

Layer wise symbology creation & style designing

Website designing

Backend server side designing

Importing of non spatial data collected from the Authority


Development and customization of District Web-GIS software as per the requirement of the Authority

Customised Query building

Customised report module creation

Software testing

In-house software testing

User acceptance test & requirement based modification

Web hosting

Maintenance and Support

Change request management

Post release support

Our range of Solutions:

Enterprise GIS solutions for development planning

Web based Decision Support System for District, Municipalities and Panchayats

Different types of Geospatial information systems

Different types of Web enabled GIS system development as per client’s requirement

Drone video mapping

Development of Location Based Services (LBS)

Mobile GIS application solutions for Survey


Centralised data storage (spatial & non-spatial)

Username & password protected data security

Web based visualization of spatial data

Web based data sharing

Web based data analysis (spatial & non-spatial) independent of GIS software & professional

Web based report generation in defined structure & format

Requirement based customized solution to fulfill departmental activities

Cost effective (customized solution on open source technology)

Could be integrated with existing departmental website


Ease of use –

User friendly and flexible system

Cost effective –

Independent of any proprietary software.

It wound not require buying any software license and thus can support any number of user based on hardware configuration.

It is one time investment and data can be accessed by several users without any restriction of license.

User would require loading only internet browser in local machine and has to be connected with server either through internet or intranet.

The web based system reduces the cost of data management and information distribution to all stakeholders,

Scalable –

Future modification and enhancement is easy to do.

Being customizable solution, change request would be easy to implement.

Cascading Map Services –

It helps to bring data from different mapping engines and technologies and view it in one place.

Through this functionality, available raster, vector, tabular data would be integrated in same window.

Smart tool –

It also becomes a tool for establishment of Smart Administration by converting local government into an “open system” which is more accessible and informative to the different levels of users

WebGIS also facilitates transparency between the decision makers and the stakeholders as the common citizen can easily avail the spatial and non spatial information on their fingertips.